Find out the Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help BSc.CSIT Students Study Better. YouTube Channels can be more than just fun.

To earn good grades throughout  school, students are required to master all the coursework that is filled with a ton of daunting complex information. However, there are studies that suggest creating short videos that explain the intricate concepts simply makes learning a lot easier for students.

So, when you are stuck on a topic that you’re unable to decipher, then it is much wiser to tune in to your favorite YouTube  channel to learn the concept in five minutes rather than trying to make it on your own for an hour or two. To tell the truth, online videos tutorials and courses have made learning a lot more efficient and easier, especially for IT students who are required to complete complex coursework assignments during they Eight Semester Stay.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 3 best YouTube channels that will surely make learning Course not only simple but enjoyable as well. Have a look!

Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help BSc.CSIT Students Study Better

1. Gate Lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula

This is a channel in which Ravindrababu Ravula will teach GATE classes for the CS/IT students. Ravindra holds a Masters degree in computer science from IISc, Bangalore. He worked as a senior software engineer for CISCO SYSTEMS. For the past many years, he has been training students for GATE entrance exam and produced many toppers. He himself achieved a percentile 99.67 in GATE.

For B.Sc.CSIT Students this Channel has got lessons on TOC(Theory of Computation) ,DBMS , Compiler Design  ,OS(Operating System) and many others. This channel literally has everything you need in one place.

Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help BSc.CSIT Students Study Better


Knowledge gate is channel for computer science engineering students may be from ,bca, bsc, mca, msc etc. Sanchit Jain sir who has more than 6 years of experience in teaching, at Knowledge gate provide free computer science engineering lectures for all subjects like operating system, data base management system, data structures, algorithms, compiler, theory of computation – automata, discrete mathematics, computer networks, computer architecture, digital electronics etc which will help in gate computer science, net computer science etc. These computer science lectures are very useful in exam like gate computer science, net computer science, psu, and semester exams etc.

This channel has got Lessons on TOC(Theory of Computation) , DBMS , Discrete Structure and many other. 

Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help BSc.CSIT Students Study Better

3. Sujoy Krishna Das

This channel is mainly for Numerical Methods Problems and Calculations using your Casio scientific calculators. He gives ideas to use Scientific Calculator for quick results to Complex Problems. 

He is an engineer & educator. He has created educational video tutorials on- Statistics and Probability, Financial and Business Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Operations Research(OR), Computer Science & Engineering(CSE), Electrical Technology(ET), Number Systems, Math Magic Tricks, Science Experiments etc.

Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help BSc.CSIT Students Study Better

So, these are the Top 3 YouTube Channels To Help B.Sc.CSIT Students Study Better.


YouTube Channels can be more helpful than we think. People are working hard to give us a chance to be better prepared, advised and receive some sort of education for free. If you are an expert in something, you should definitely think about sharing it with the world. You never know the impact that can have in the world, in the students, in people.

Do you have a YouTube Channel to help other students? or maybe, do you know another great channel that didn´t make it into our list?

Share with us your tips and tricks to study better and your internet resources. We want to know!

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