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ALL 2074 old question

ADBMS ALL 2069-73.pdf

AJP ALL 2069-73pdf

InternetTech ALL 2069-73 .pdf

SPM 2070-72-73-MODEl.pdf

DA ALL 2069-70-72.pdf

NSA ALL 2069-73 .pdf


04 ADBMS-Lecture-1.pdf

ADBMS .pdf

07 ADBMS.pdf

06 ADBMS.pdf

04 ADBMS.pdf

04 ADBMS.pdf

03 ADBMS.pdf


Internet Technology

Full Note IT.pdf


IT-Unit 2.pdf

Chapter 3(print).pdf

Unit 4 IT.pdf

Unit 5 IT .pdf

Unit 6 IT.pdf

IT ch7 Internet and Intranet Applications.pdf

IT ch2 IP .pdf


IT ch7 Internet and Intranet Applications.pdf

Internet Technology-note

Software Project Management



01 SPM BOOK Chapter Wise Extracts

Database Administration

DA Notes Complete.pdf

ADBMS Solutions.pdf

ADBMS Solution 2069_Q2.pdf

AJP (Solution Package).pdf

AJP (Some Remaining Solutions).pdf

AJP Handwritten Solution 2071.pdf

IR Solution 2072.pdf

IT Solution 2071.pdf

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